About Daily Sports



Daily Sports is a Swedish fashion company that designs, produces and sells clothes for women worldwide. Daily Sports was founded in 1995 and is headquartered outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Today we have 20 distributors, which together sell Daily Sports products in 28 countries. Many distributors have been linked to the company for many years, so they are very familiar with Daily Sports and the company’s products.


Golf Store named us “Best software supplier Sweden 2012”, which was a prestigious price we received for the second consecutive year.


Vision and Mission

Our ambition is to get more sporting women around the world to discover the joy of being more fashionable while being active. Our clothes are known for their unbeatable fit, their attention to detail and high level of fashion.


Our vision is to become “one of the most successful sports brands in the world for women”. We will succeed by creating the most attractive and sought after clothing for women who are passionate about playing golf.



Our products

Every year, we invest considerable resources to be at the forefront of both design and choice of material. One example is the popular “Scratch-pants” that many women golfers feel both comfortable and well dressed in.


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