cajsa persson's favorite golf clothes

cajsa persson's favorite golf clothes

Last year she became European Champion. This year, she is entering her third season on the European Tour. Cajsa Persson is 25 years old, future golf star and a Daily Sports’ ambassador. The European Tour is in full swing, but the tournament takes place in countries across the world. Cajsa is travelling at least 200 days a year and just returned from Australia having attended the New South Wales Open. Previously this year, she received the 2018 Sports Achievement Award at Jönköpingsgalan.

We have gathered Cajsa Persson’s personal golf favourites. She prefers skorts with an excellent fit and clever pockets in front and back. Another favourite is the Lyric series with its’ soft and comfortable material making the fit just right. She would wear the Austin jacket year around as it has a female shape yet allows her to swing.

“ I love to play in mesh tops, they are comfortable, got an airy feel, and allows for a slight tan. They keep me cool and comfortable, especially when I play in countries like Thailand and South Africa.” says Cajsa.

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